venerdì 15 febbraio 2008

venerdì 1 febbraio 2008

giovedì 31 gennaio 2008

OK, dat's who's responsible for global warming.

I knew it all along it was cow's fart!
So, still thinking to be a vegetarian huh? So do a favor to the environment. Eat a cow Man.


Sure, Hummers are bad for the environment, but do you know what else is? Cow farts. Yep, the methane in cow farts contributes to a surprisingly-high 5% of all global warming gasses out there, with methane being 22 times more potent at capturing atmospheric heat than carbon dioxide. The good news? A couple of Japanese scientists seem to have stumbled upon a way to neutralize this problem.

Costing about $1 per day per cow, some simple food additives that include a blend of nitrates and the amino acid cysteine could greatly suppress the methane production in a cow's stomach, making their emissions much more earth-friendly. No word on how earth-friendly it'll make your emissions, but I think it's safe to say your friends and family all have their fingers crossed for a successful crossover.

domenica 27 gennaio 2008

Auroville. What is it?